It’s Christmas.

December 23rd, 2008 by Hannah

Well, very nearly.

Daniel is seriously excited about christmas, and has loved the chocolate pennies in his advent calender.

At this time of year it feels neccesary to look back on the year that’s rapidly running through our fingers, and say what was good, bad, and how we’re going to change next year.

But to be honest, this last quarter has been particularly hideous, and I’ll be rather glad when it’s over.

So next year: next year will  hold excitement and changes for all of us.  But before then, the christmas spice cake is just out of the oven, the chocolate yoghurt cake will follow shortly. The presents are wrapped, the food in the fridge.

Most of the Christmas cards are still on the dinning table, and we have some more presents to deliver to people.

Christmas will be a good time.

Praying it is for you too. That the festive season is full of joy, and next year only holds good stuff for you.

First post! Woo!

November 26th, 2008 by Simon

So, um, yeah… I finally got a blog.

What’s going to be here? Good question… I figure it’s going to be “anything and everything”. A real smörgåsbord of randomness, if you will. At some point I’ll need to get a gallery working, add some bio blurbs and fiddle with the theme, but for now it’s a very basic blog.

So, in the spirit of sharing family trivialities with the entire world (or such of it as may be reading this blog, which is assuredly a teeny tiny number), today’s news is: Daniel loves Transformers. And I had nothing to do with it! :D

Lately he’s been avidly watching the cartoon (G1, thankyouverymuch), putting on voices, telling us about his favourites (top spot seems to be Hound, if you’re interested), and crawling around the floor being ‘a green car’ before yelling “Transform!” and standing slowly up. Oh yes, we have a fanboy in the making right here. A “chip” off the old block? To those who scoffed when I told them my son’s name - TFTM fans will understand - I can only say: “Ha!” ;)